Big Bang 2021

Did you know that the Big Bang theory was first developed in Leuven? During the first half of the 20th century, the Leuven professor Georges Lemaître launched the revolutionary hypothesis of the ‘primordial atom’. Today, this theory is known as the Big Bang. In the autumn of 2021, KU[N]ST Leuven plans a large-scale cultural city festival exploring the Big Bang theme.
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About KU[N]ST Leuven

KU[N]ST Leuven realizes large-scale cultural festivals. The rich history of the city of Leuven and the scientific research of KU Leuven, come together in these festivals in a surprising and fascinating way. Highlight of these urban projects, is an international exhibition organised at M - Museum Leuven. KU[N]ST Leuven is responsible for both the organization and coordination of these events.

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